Le Manoir de la Massonnière

Le Manoir de la Massonnière

Since 1448... the history of the place

The estate of La Massonnière is listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments. It consists of a Manor and its outbuildings, and a garden with multiple atmospheres. From the middle of the fifteenth century, the Vaugirault family, lord of Massonniè re, lived in what is now the kitchen and suite part of the Cour Carrée estate. In the eighteenth and nineteenth if the two extensions are realized, the manor becomes a holiday resort, the gardens then participate in the beautification of the estate.


 Around the manor house of the  fifteenth century and  itspendances, the gardens of La Massonnière, designed by Mr. Weinberg and his son the painter P.  Bushe are inspiredbythe gardens of British cottages. The dovecote contains 784 boulins (nest boxes for pigeons). It is estimated  at 400 ha the surface  of  the domain  at  the time of the lordship! Marguerite Kendal Bushe Weinberg and her spouse bought the  estate in 1949 for their son Peter, artist, first Grand Prix de Rome, who designed the garden Français still in place today. In 2017, Pascale and Jean-Christophe Delmas acquired the estate and undertook major renovation works. With the advice of Pascaline and Emmanuel, a landscape architect from the  Versailles school,  they restored  the walls of  the partially collapsed garden, replanted the old orchards,  created a rose garden, a collection of peonies and eateries, and replaced the aging lavender with more than  1,000 Iceberg roses in the Français garden, giving it all its current splendour.

500 years of history!

The different eras can be felt inside the Manor through the details of the fireplaces,carved buildings and woodwork. In the garden you can discover the surrounding wall, the bruises of which today constitute fentreson the countryside.

The charm of a manor house

The ManorHouse built in 1448 was remodeledin the seventeenth then nineteenth century and offers all the charm of these holiday homes of the time with large rooms open to the park and the countryside.

The beauty of the place

The place is a true haven ofpeace where, at every step, our guestsdiscover views of the landscape and intimate and charming spaces. All rooms offer views of the garden and countryside.

Thematic gardens

The thematic gardens follow one anotherall around the house like so many paintings of the master where the water games and plants, sometimes rare, always neat ,agree with your stay.

An exceptional Manoir...

A contemporary design that respects heritage

The interior, contemporary, combines baroque and modernity while respecting the history and charm of the house where the interior and exterior dialogue perfectly. 

...in a remarkable garden

4 hectares of historic and contemporary gardens

The surface area is ideal for both strolling and contemplation. You’ll be seduced by the rigor of the French garden, with its boxwood and topiaries pruned by the owners themselves, or by the forest garden and its koi carp, lotus and water lily pond.

A place steeped in history

"We enjoyed a stay in a large family home and spent a vacation in Sarthe in a place that is a witness to French history, with a remarkable real estate heritage. The gardens are a marvel. The former barn has been converted into a prestigious villa, offering a remarkable room and two comfortable guest rooms.
Lucie, student at Lyon

The charm of the countryside

"There are some marvellous corners of France, some unsuspected nuggets, where you can spend a quiet stay, far from the city, in the heart of the countryside, a sort of hotel manor where you feel at home, as if in a family home...".
Kerstin Brandstater, architect Munich