Le Manoir de la Massonnière

Le Manoir de la Massonnière



An alley of tall trees lines the entrance to the estate where you will be welcomed by a majestic square courtyard.. Discover the extensive gardens during your stay and enjoy the spectable of light and sunshine that the hours of each bring.

The residence has the feel of a family home and promises you an atypical holiday, the gardens invite you to relaxand  spend days full of charm in absolute calm where only nature is expressed.

While all the guest suites offer views of the gardens, they are a real place of discovery in the heart of a wooded and hilly countryside.

Pascaline and Emmanuel, DPLG landscapers, are passionate about decoration and gardening and they are delighted to share their passion with you.  The themed gardens of the estate guarantee you a surprise on every walk.


Une allée de platanes souligne l'entrée du domaine. Vous serez accueillis dans la majestueuse cour carrée du domaine. La succession de jardins se découvre ensuite au fil de votre séjour et chaque jour, la lumière et l'ensoleillement offrent un spectacle différent.

The views

Whether in the manor or in the garden, each turn of the head has a view, from the many aspects of the gardens to the landscapes of Sarthe.

Intimate corners

Whichever route you take, intimate spaces are everywhere in the garden, near the pond, in the rose garden, on the lawn under the trees or in the meadows facing the countryside.


Take a guided walk of the 10 acre domain and learn the history of the facilities created in the last century that tell the story of the gardens, the woodland garden and the vegetable garden, you will discover the different themes of the estate.


Remarkable trees, rare plants, collections of roses and maples, you will certainly be interested to know the botanical names of these plants that make up our gardens, they are inscribed on each tree, in Latin, as in a botanical garden.

The main courtyard

A classic garden dominated by its 15th-century dovecote

As soon as you enter the large gate, the feel of this classically French chateau is immediate. Once in the square courtyard, the manor house and its 15th century dovecote confirm this feeling, an outward sign of wealth from the time of the lords. The simple yet grandiose courtyard, with its large lawn, has boxwood spheres and two large topiary yews that frame the entrance to the manor.

Bucolic spaces

The floral atmosphere of a chic countryside

Our two 50-year-old proprietors, trained at the Versailles School of Landscape, developed the transformation of the estate while respecting its cultural and climatic history. Thus, the search for biodiversity and suitable plants led them to create “contemporary” garden spaces and “natural” areas, such as meadows favorable to bee species which give the current garden a lot of charm and beauty.

The French garden

The expression of the art of topiary

The French garden reflects the classical gardens of Versailles or Vaux le Viconte in France, both known throughout the world : rectilinear paths punctuated by ponds, yews and boxwood cut into topiary, and beds of white roses. “Iceberg” is their vernacular name, they bloom for 6 months from April to October and are the perfect setting for your family photo shoots !

The flower garden and the rose garden

Like the king's vegetable garden

The king’s kitchen garden in Versailles is one of the most beautiful places in France and around the world. At La Massonnière, the vegetable garden, which mixes flowers and crops, is surrounded by the wall of the estate and is enclosed by hedges of clipped hornbeams. A veritable micro-climate is conducive to the cultivation of exceptional vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants in the Sarthe and the Le Mans country and much appreciated in the kitchen ! A mixed-border mixes fennel, artichokes and perennials. The vegetable plots are home to tomatoes, squash, cabbage, salads, pears for vegetables, and cosmos, turkey carnations, sweet peas, not to mention potato flowers ! The rose garden will allow you to take an aromatic walk and rest under the arbours for an ideal tea break…

The forest garden

A stroll full of surprises

Leave the colourful rose garden with its gazebos and pergolas  and enter  the wilderness of the forest garden and ipond. In this magical place awaits  a collection of remarkable trees such as the tulip tree, the ginkgo biloba  and Japanese maple.  The large pond, full of koi carp, has a natural relaxing feel enhanced by a trickling waterfall and adorned with lotuses and water lilies.

The large park

The luxury of space under hundred-year-old trees

Our guests will especially appreciate the park around the house. Like a large outdoor room, the large lawns invite you to picnic or  enjoy outdoor activity.   The tall trees, many more than a hundred years old, guarantee you freshness and shade at all times of the day and a variety of birds will accompany your day including the coal tit with its black and yellow plumage and melodic song.

A timeless day

" The Domaine de La Massonnière is a very beautiful site to spend a timeless day with a magnificent park as a horizon. Our day was a beautiful moment, a very pleasant weekend with guided tour of the gardens included and good advice for walks. The renovation of the old Manor House is very successful with incredible suites and inspired deco. The couple of landscapers really know how to welcome guests ! »
Philippe DELIAU, entrepreneur Cadenet

A cosy and warm weekend

"A remarkable garden and an estate full of charm in a very quiet place and close to Le Mans and the 24h. We took 1h30 from Paris, to spend a cosy and warm weekend in this guesthouse and its exceptional gardens! Perfect for the work associated with a family day »
Loic PLESSIER, landscape architect Brussels